POST PHYSICAL THERAPY REHAB……..Vanessa helped me after surgery to rehab my rotator cuff. I worked with Vanessa for 6 weeks during and after physical therapy. Rotator cuff repair can be a hard surgery to rehab because of the way the shoulder moves. Range of motion of 75% to 85% is considered a good result, and by working alongside my physical therapist, Vanessa was able to restore my range of motion to 95%. I also worked with Vanessa to rehab my total knee replacement. I would recommend her to anyone who is working with a Physical Therapist, or would need post-PT support……….

Milli Thompson,

Vanessa is fun to work with and seriously knows her stuff! I have scoliosis and working out can be challenging due to the pain it can cause. Vanessa’s knowledge of training muscles to work in a balanced way has alleviated pain in my back. I am new to Pilates and Vanessa has made me feel at ease and comfortable while learning to be more aware of my body and using muscles and breathing in a whole new way. I look forward to my workouts with her and am feeling stronger and more toned!

Tina Walker, Director of Administration, Hansa Center for Optimum Health

The time I have spent at VLS Pilates has been invaluable!  When I first began Pilates I had severe heel pain, my right hip hurt most of the time and I had slowly lost balance.  Miss Vanessa listened and developed sessions to strengthen my core and increase my flexibility which helped me regain my balance!  By targeting my trouble spots I finally found the pain I had been living with relieved.  Each week I was sent home with “homework” to keep my progress moving forward.  I was able to take these exercises and keep from losing ground in between sessions.  I was amazed at how Vanessa was able to make so many changes in my body without the horrible after workout pain I had experienced at the gym.

Deborah Beat, Lecturer, Wichita State University Sociology

Vanessa Stewart has been such great help for me. I have never done Pilates before and when Vanessa offered to work with me, it had brought much relief. She was very thorough in her work and was always doing new things to improve the pain and strengthen my back. Her follow up was persistent and she encouraged me well. Vanessa is always eager to learn more and improve her knowledge of field. She has been such a blessing to me!

Erica Marrow,